Why is mining Ether worth it?

You can become an essential part of an economical circle, where the owned Rigs are used to connect different information, transactions, data to the blocckchain, and for this, you as miner will receive certain amounts of ETH from the Ethereum network depending on your performance, which can be sold whenever you wish, maintaining the sustainibility of the self-supporting circle.
You decide how much you want to earn. Using our Profit Calculator tool you can calculate with ease how many Rigs you need to achieve the expected profit.
Simply choose the type of Rig and the quantity you wish and increase it until you reach the expected profit. Don’t forget, the calculation is made on the current price.
After calculating (using Profit Calculator) how much would you like to earn, you have nothing else to do than go to the Mining section and choose as many Rigs with as many graphic cards as required. Finally choose the Maintanace Service Contract to get rid of any technical issues of the minings (we will care of your system using our skills and experience) and Place your Order! (You can choose it without Maintenance Service conract).
Payouts can be made everytime you wish after the first 14 days.
The minimum investment is 1 Mining Rig.
Actually the RIG is the mining computer what includes those components which are necesarry for the optimal operation and are shown in the Mining section.
If you go for the Maintanace Service Contract, we will take care of your purchased rigs to run them optimally with the most effective settings and under the most appropriate conditions (in specially arranged mining parks). If you decide to make up your own minig comupter and store it by yourself , than we will send it to the given address as quick as possible.
Normally the shipping is free, for further details please contact our customer service team.
All Rigs and their components have 2 years of Guarantee, which applies in case of factory deffects always when is in non-modded status. If you chose our Maintanace Services any needed replacement will be handle by us informing you about every changes made.
Every mining rig maintained by our team are stored in a special arranged space which is optimally cooled to provide the most effective operation.
The profitability of a rig depends on how many graphic cards it bears, for an exact earning assessment please use our Profit Calculator.
The mining will start 15 working days after the payment has been received.
Your rigs’ earnings can be tracked on our Homepage after logging in on the left side, in the My Performance (Mining ) section or even clicking on your profile under MyMining tab.
Your ether can be exchanged anytime in the Exchange section.


What is Exchange?

Is a platform where the minded or owned cryptocurrency can be exchanged to money or other cryptocurrency. As well you can upload money to buy cryptocurrencies.
The wallet is a digital wallett, which is used to hold different cryptocurrencies.
The EURv is the coin of MyCryptOption.com, which perfectly copies the real USD exchange rate price, and by buying it you can submit any order through our interface ( e.g. Buy/Sell coins )
In the Exchange section or on your Profile’s dashboard you will find the Deposit button. Choose the desired amount for upload coin or EURv and follow the instructions.
You can Buy coins in the Exchange section. Choose the coin you wish to buy, the type in the target amount and than click the Buy button.
Upon fixed price change, we can buy / sell at a predetermined rate, which will be fulfilled when the exchange rate reaches the rate we have previously set.
The Market Price option makes possible to sell/buy coins on the current market price.
Appriciate our work with a Share! Thank you!