Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

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As you maybe you observed something goes wrong with Bitcoin Cash. In unusual case, when during the 6 month protocoll upgrade, the developing team did not agree in the implementing updates, so the Bitcoin Cash splitted in two, creating a new fork. The two development team has been adopting separately the upgrades. In the first side is the Bitcoin Cash ABC fork, which represents 60% of the team, and the second side with 28% support, named Bitcoin Cash SV.

Due to this missunderstanding, perheps soon will be alive these two forks. The Bitcoin Cash ABC with its upgrates will remain as Bitcoin Cash and a new fork with new implementation will be named Bitcoin Cash SV. The unconveniences did not end up here, because this event blocked Crypto Exchanges and they need to adapt or not to adapt the new forks and their changes.

The Bitcoincash network is locked, is not possible to make any transaction at the Exchanges or even on the Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Unusual attitude and tension is paired to the situation, so sad that something could happen with a decentralised system, but you can also get reprimand too from your Crypto Exchange support, as happened at Kraken today.

The myCryptOption team exactly for these cases is trying to draw the attention to store cryptos in your privet wallet and avoid holding them at any Crypo Exchange. We also try to draw your attention, the crypto market is very volatile, it has not precise regulation and it is not recomanded to trade, if you have not experience and knwledge enough.

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